Geld sparen – Wie kann man mit einem Meaco-Produkt über 700 € sparen?

There’s no getting around it, electricity bills are currently horrendous and there’s no sign of prices going down any time soon. If the media is to be believed, things will get much worse before they get better. For this reason, energy efficiency makes more sense than ever.

At Meaco we know how important this is. To create a product that meets your needs, works quietly and efficiently and at low operating costs. It has always been desirable to keep electricity bills as low as possible. That’s why we introduced our energy-saving product range in 2012. In the meantime, we have worked hard to optimize energy consumption to ensure that all of our products are as energy efficient as possible. Take as an example our latest dehumidifier range – the MeacoDry Arete One range – which has been created after 5 years of research and development. We are very proud that our products perform the same as our competitors (and often extract more water than them), but use less energy and therefore you spend less money on electricity.


We are so proud of our designs and so confident in the superior construction of our products that we are transparent enough to include “hourly operating costs” on every product page. We have even updated these costs due to the sharp increase in energy prices in spring 2022 (to  28.4 cents per h/kWh ). All of the following information refers to German conditions with a relative humidity of 60% at temperatures between 10 °C and 20 °C.

We encourage you to be sure to look at these costs, as purchasing a Meaco product could save you hundreds of euros in electricity costs over the life of the device.


As part of our research, which we carried out in April 2022 after the price increase in spring 2022, we found that the Meaco Arete One 20L is €143 cheaper than the worst-performing competitor with a daily usage time of six hours per year! The next best device after our Arete dehumidifier was still €39.25 more expensive to run than the Arete One 20L . If you keep your device for five years, you will save at least €196.25 up to a whopping €715.00.

It was a similar story with the smaller Meaco 12L Arete One , with savings of at least €19.01 up to €92.59 per year, which amounts to a saving of €95.05 to €462.95 over 5 years.

Considering that the initial cost of these models is €179.99 and €259.99, the savings in electricity consumption are much greater than the actual cost of the dehumidifier itself.

Not only are our dehumidifiers cost-effective to operate, our fans are also designed in the same way. At low fan speeds, the MeacoFan 1056 cools extremely efficiently with less than 10 watts.


An example of use: If you were to use the MeacoFan 1056 next to your bed for 8 hours a day for comfortable sleeping conditions for a month, it would cost you around 70 cents for a whole month of better sleep! This is how energy and cost efficient our products can be.


The consumer organization Which? recently conducted a similar test itself, which found that using a high-power kitchen appliance such as a refrigerator or washing machine can be very expensive compared to an energy-efficient model. For example, the difference in annual running costs between the best and worst refrigerators was a remarkable £138.00 (approx. €158). Read more about it here .

With electricity costing so much these days, this study highlights why it’s so important for all of us to think carefully about purchasing an electrical product: by paying a little more for quality, we can save a fortune on electricity costs in just a few months.

*The study conducted by Meaco compares the wattages of competitive dehumidifiers as listed on the manufacturers‘ websites in April 2022.

Saving money is important to our customers worldwide. If you want to learn more about how you can save money with dehumidifiers in other countries, take a look at our Norwegian dealer’s blog: 

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